Friday, October 1, 2021

 October 1st

Hello Everyone,

We had a great day today!
They were wonderful in Mass.

I am sending home Test Folders today.
Please review the papers, correct papers (if I mark the paper Fix), empty the folder (keep all papers unless your child had to fix anything), sign the sheet in the folder (you can write a positive comment), and return the folder.

In the folder is  Fluency Check p. 22 
The first column lets you know your child sounded out or read the word correctly.
The second column let you know if they could read the word without sounding it out. They knew the word by looking at it.

Here are the Spelling words for next week:
1  in
2  fin
3  if
4  big
5  pig  
6  is
7  it
8  hit
9  sit
10 to

*Monday is Art Class. Please send in the Art supplies Ms. Duffy asked for each week.

**There are some problems with Google Classroom. I will still email until the problems are sorted out.

Have a great Weekend!
Mrs. Asaro

Thursday, September 30, 2021

 September 30th

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone is able to view my posts on Google Classroom.
If there are any problems please let me know.
I would like to start using only Google Classroom on Monday as our way of communicating.

Today we had a super day!
   *Talked about and read words with Short o
   *went to Library and Computer class
   *talked about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd. 4th,...14th)
   *added number sentences with 0
   *talked about The Blessed Trinity, prayer, and the Sign of the Cross

Today's HW is:
Reading-word list U1-L3 lines 1-5
Math-wkbk p. 11
Spelling-study for test tomorrow

Have a beautiful afternoon!
Mrs. Asaro

 Hi everyone,

What a beautiful day!

Today we:
   *reread the book What Is It?
   *wrote sentences about what we learned from the book about animals
   *went to Gym Class
   *wrote the beginning and ending sounds for short a words
   *wrote addition sentences
   *practiced the Sign of the Cross
   *read a story with rhyming text

Homework for today is:
Reading-word list U1-L2.3
Math-wkbk p. 10
Spelling-write sentences for words 6-10

*Tag Day tomorrow
**half day on Friday-No aftercare

I am sending this message and putting it on Google Classroom.
Let me know if you have any problems viewing it in your child's email or on your email throughGoogle Classroom.

Have a great afternoon!
Mrs. Asaro

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

 Hi Everyone,

We had a terrific day!
I am hoping Google Classroom will be ready for Monday. I will update you tomorrow.

Today we: 
   *wrote sentences using Short i words
   *used < + > to compare numbers
   *talked about addition sentence
   *went to Music Class
   *talked about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is the Blessed Trinity 
   *talked about squirrels and observing them
   *introduce our next text set about Rhyming stories

Homework for today:
Reading-word list U1-L2.1
Math-wkbk p. 9
Spelling-write sentences for words 1-5

*Thursday is a Fall Tag Day cost $2.00
**Half day Friday
***No aftercare on Friday

Have a wonderful evening.
Mrs. Asaro

Monday, September 27, 2021

 Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a terrific weekend.

Today we:
   *work with Mr. Sites to use chrome books
   *matched short i words with pictures
   *went to Art Class
    *read about Jamaica and a boy named Russell
    *talked about numbers that come before, between, or after a number 1-12
    *talked about feelings
    *talked about Jesus being our brother and he is God's Greatest Gift to us

Homework for today is:
Reading-read and return the book What Do We Like?
Math-wkbk p. 8
Spelling-words 3 times

Have a lovely afternoon!
Mrs. Asaro

Thursday, September 23, 2021

 Hello everyone,

We had a very good day.
Today we:
    *thought about how to write words with Short i
    *went to Computer Class
    *wrote addition number sentences to go with pictures
    *wrote numbers in counting order from 0-12
    *made cards for our priests
    *read a book Jamaica's Find
    *did a practice Spelling test

Homework for today:

Reading-HFW (high frequency word) list 2
Math-wkbk p. 7
Spelling-study for test tomorrow

Have a terrific afternoon.
Mrs. Asaro

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

 Hello Everyone,

Today was a wonderful day.
Today we:
   *learned about Short i and read words with Short i
   *went to Music Class
   *read a book about a principal who wanted students to go to school everyday of the week, holidays, and all summer
   *talked about numbers one more and one fewer than numbers 1-12
   *wrote addition number sentences
   *discussed the special gifts God gave us and that he will love us ALWAYS
   *talked about friends and what makes them feel good or sad

Today's homework is:

Reading-word list paper U1-L2 lines 1-5
Math-wkbk p. 5
Spelling-write sentences for words 1-5 (If your child needs help spelling words you may help them. Ex.: I am at the park. They may need help with the word 'park.' Remind them that a sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a period if it is a telling sentence.)

*Your child will have a Short Vowel Detective paper in their HW folder. We are going to be looking for Short a (like in apple) words this week. We will write some in school. See if you can find some words in books you read to them, books they read, and other places where they are seeing printed words with a Short a sound. They do not have to do this all in one night. They do not have to fill in every line. They just need to be looking and listening for Short a words around them. I will collect it on Monday. We will be doing this every week but with a different sound.

Thank you for all your help.
Mrs. Asaro